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lol, happy
What is the nicest thing you've ever done for a stranger? What is the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

I had gone on a trip to Los Angeles, CA about 3 months ago with a couple of friends. We had heard from a couple of people that LA wasn't such a good and friendly place to be in. So I was expecting the worst experience. Well on the second day of the trip we were waiting at a bus stop (and nearby was a security person of some type that watched the bus routes^^ lol). Well, the bus we were waiting for totally just passed us by! lol! We were kind of like..."What"? Then the security bus lady came over to us and said if we were waiting for the bus (which was a yes) and got pissed at the driver for not waiting; went to her van and contacted to bus, told it to stop, and drove us over to the bus like a block or two away!^^ I was kind of surprised that she went a little out of her way to get us on that dang bus^^. People in LA are so nice...lol...I miss it.
Bless that lady^^.
1st-Sep-2010 07:03 pm - Man, oh man.....
lol, happy
i've been feeling really iffy lately...i think it's cause i always seem to be fighting with my boyfriend and shit...it's always one thing after the other...and mostly this bickering is all my fault...my jealousy is getting out of hand..to the point of him probably wanting to break up with me...or me with him; i'm just tired....worrying over nothing...pretty much...i think of the most stupidest things to fight about...lol

i'm surprised we're still together, i've lost count of how many times we've tried to call it quits...i guess i'm too chicken shit to leave him...i love the man, i love spending time with him...but...there are probably more downsides to the whole relationship....i usually bring or think them up...he's not the problem...i am.... (the most pessimistic...i've ever been...lol)

at least i had a awesome birthday...lol

let me show you^^

lol, happy
i can't believe he finally said that he's going solo....
it must have been so difficult for him to choose between his dreams or staying with KAT-TUN...

i mean it seemed apparent to me that his time doing KT activities was less fun now at days..but wow...he made a pretty bold move to go solo...i just want to wish him all the luck in the world...because even though i might love him and the members equally (even though Jin is still my favorite)
i can't help, but think that there's is going to be a bad backlash or something of the sort...

ugh....and not to mention all the fighting on KTLOVE....hopefully not...but...it's coming...lol
22nd-Jun-2010 02:29 pm - I'm back^^
lol, happy
just got in yesterday from L.A! like at...4 AM..lol...and i'm still kinda tired...haven't slept as much as i wanted...man...i really loved L.A yo...i kinda didn't want to come back to texas...it's super hot here...
we had a really good time there..took lots of video and pics^^ hopefully i get to posting this stuff soon because i thought the places we visited were pretty cool!

now about the jin concert!^^ hoho!!
went on the 19th and got there @ 5 pm...there were already letting people into the club...but alot of peeps were alreadt inside, when we got in the club..they were selling some jin photo books..but we decided to go take our seats...biggest mistake of the night...lol...those shits were sold out by the time i went back to get one...lol..i really wanted one...Doh! oh welpers...the concert was awesome (i'm gonna probably go into more detail some other time when i start posting pics and whatnot)pretty much what ever other fan report is saying...went down^^

Jin was super cute, hot..you name it^^ the crowds were cooperative (we were dancing, clapping, yelling, etc.) lol....i'm glad i went to Cali for Jin...i saw my sexy....and i fell in love with what i got to see in LA^^

(will post later^^) hopefully...teehee!
10th-May-2010 06:26 pm - My goodness...
lol, happy
i had a really bad dream today in the morning...
my boyfriend had died...i didn't know the cause..and no one seemed to care...i woke up crying..and that was the first time i've ever had a dream like that..i was overrun by sadness man...ugh...
i called my boyfriend just to check up on him...and he was fine..on his way to work..lol

everything got better though...cause my sister made some spaghetti (and that's my favorite food^^!)
15th-Apr-2010 08:39 pm - Finally,...the ticket sale!! My god!!
lol, happy
Dudes...i'm totally happy right now cause i got to buy concert tickets!!
My friend (and hopefully my boyfriend) are gonna go to LA for sure now!

it was such a hassle trying to get tickets from TicketMaster....i've never had such a horrible experience...all the VIP seats were out in like minutes man, i swear!! i nearly had a heart attack cause going to see Jin was kinda the point in going to LA....lol

All in all, i ended up getting seats for June 19th, second floor, section A, Row B!!
but yeah...just had to post up my adventure for the day...i still can't believe how fast the tickets sold out man...my god,...Jin and his peeps totally milked us yo....lol

he better give us a damn good show! lol
(just kidding Jin-sama, i know it's gonna be good!!)
26th-Mar-2010 03:42 pm - Jin L.A concert^^
lol, happy
Dudes, i'm stoked about having an opportunity to see Jin's live!!
I am totally making plans and arrangements to go see this man^^...
I would have loved to see all of KT together...but all in due time..
also, i've been wondering why everyone is really mad over this whole issue (i don't even think i should stray on this thought though...)

Is anyone planning on going? (just curious)
31st-Dec-2009 06:00 pm(no subject)
lol, happy
I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! \(^w^.)/

Time to spend another great year obsessing over KAT-TUN! lol
lol, happy
ereluna: Ahhh~ another meme... these are really fun! For me, anyways... xD Enjoy. Also, I have never cleaned so much in my life... everything hurts... oh God, my poor knees! o,O

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

Kamenashi Kazuya~ thinking

I love this pic of Kame...he kinda looks really serious(maybe too much)..yet i don't think you can take him seriously all that much with his rainbow necklace and all...lol.."i love you kame-chan"!! *note*: now that i think about...my new hair cut looks like kame's in this pic....(--__--'.)

Nakamaru Yuichi~ crying

Ahh..this is the only way i picture Maru...always crying because someone picked on him...mainly Jin...lol...ah yes, i remember why i added this icon to my "list"...i needed an avatar that could describe how i felt on a shitty day (pardon my language^^) and this pic was perfect...

Akanishi Jin~ what

what can i say about this pic?...umm...Jin is so cute here! "why do i love you so much Jin"?! Love-Aru! (i'm talking to myself again...*sigh*...lol)

Yoh (High School Debut)~ yoh yoh-sama

I totally fell in love with this manga as it progressed and i really liked the main male character *points at the icon* ...can you blame me? Yoh is awesome^^ (and a *cough* hottie)... the story brought me happiness! (besides this was the very first icon i used on livejournal^^)

Lloyd Irving~ happy lloyd

this icon totally captures how i feel most of the time^^ i love to laugh and make jokes and what not,...so this (and my main icon) really do kinda capture my personality in a way...Lloyd is a character that is so loveable and i love the game Tales of Symphonia, which is why i needed this as a part of my list

Yay!!! This was fun, explaining the reason why i have these icons and what not^^
11th-Oct-2009 04:05 pm - Quiz I took thanks to KawaiiKame
lol, happy

LJ Friends Meme by coolerq

• You must tell 5 people about this game.

logan is the one that you love.  (*note* my boyfriend..)

jin is one you like but can't work out.  (*note*...if only it could work out...i don't even have a chance...lol)

• You care most about kame.

gary is the one who knows you very well.  (*note* was one of my best friends)

mom is your lucky star.

distance is the song that matches with logan.  (*note* we're always singing this song together, like in the car and stuff..lame but fun ^_^)

six senses is the song for jin.

lovejuice is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.  (*note* uhh....what can i say)

• and real face is the song telling you how you feel about life.  (*note* i live on the edge...lol)

Take this quiz

*most of this stuff makes sense to me..lol
it's all a bit true (do it if you have the chance)

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